Math Enrichment Program

  • Math skills are essential both in and out of the classroom. Our math enrichment program targets the specific goals of each grade level so that our students leave with a strong foundation in mathematics.
  • Our tailored curriculum works with students at their starting point. Experienced tutors work with your child to help him or her with skills that he or she finds challenging. Instruction and curriculum is designed to the needs of the individual. In addition, regular online assessments are provided to measure the progress of your student. These assessments paired with individual instruction, create a learning environment that is conducive to success in mathematics.
  • Reading and Writing

  • Literacy is a skill that is demanded in all aspects of life. Students are asked to be critical readers and strong writers. Strong language skills are not just a part of a language arts classroom, but are expected in almost all subject areas. Our program helps students gain the skills that are crucial in school and in life.
  • Our reading and writing program uses researched literacy strategies to build a curriculum around the needs of your student. We work with your child to identify challenges and then find creative ways to implement a curriculum. The curriculum is made relevant so that your child is engaged in the material. By incorporating texts and assignments that are interesting to your child, we make learning an active process. Students gain the literacy skills needed in not only their language arts classes, but in all subject areas.

  • Chinese Program

  • In today’s global world, learning a foreign language is an even more crucial skill for career success. By providing your child with the opportunity to learn the most spoken language in the world, you are better preparing him or her for the future.
  • Our interactive program is designed so that your child learns Chinese in a fun, interactive learning environment. Students learn Chinese through a multitude of activities like: playing games, watching cartoons, and having conversations. By creating a learning environment that stimulates life, students acquire the skills needed to listen, speak, read, and write in Chinese. Our practical approach to learning a new language is successful because it takes the learning beyond a textbook and into real life.

  • Tuition Fee

    Small Group (2-5 students) Hourly Tutoring Rates One-on-One Tutoring Hourly Rates
    -Registration Fee $25 per school year -Registration/ Material Fee $25 per school year
    -Hourly rate per student Reg. $30, Special Offer $69/month, 4 (1-hour)lessons -Hourly rate per student Reg. $65, Special Offer $140/month, 4 (1-hour)lessons
    -Tuition fee is due on the first week of the month -Tuition fee is due on the first week of the month
    -Referral Credit $15 for referring other student to the program -Referral Credit $15 for referring other student to the program